Airbrush makeup is our major key for all special occasions at SLB. Be it prom, weddings, anniversaries, we love the coverage and longevity of the airbrush technology. The technology behind it transforms liquid makeup into a super fine mist, making it’s coverage near flawless. This not only prevents product waste but creates the perfect foundation coverage.

When we say perfect, we do mean PERFECT ! Blemishes will disappear instantly, even without the use of concealer. No lines of demarcation around the perimeter of the face, no creasing and no uneven spots. It can be paired with other non-airbrush makeup too, which is a plus. For example you can use the airbrush for foundation and use your own highlight palette. Airbrush is longwearing and sweat proof, which makes it ideal for events that are all day/night. Since it is more expensive, we understand that for quick dates and everyday use it may not be ideal,but this is definitely a MUST for outdoor occasions and occasions lasting over 4 hours.

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