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Why We Love Airbrush Makeup!

October 05, 2018 Lisa Brown Makeup

Airbrush makeup is our major key for all special occasions at SLB. Be it prom, weddings, anniversaries, we love the coverage and longevity of the airbrush technology. The technology behind it transforms liquid makeup into a super fine mist, making it’s coverage near flawless. This not only prevents product waste but creates the perfect foundation coverage. When we say perfect, we do mean PERFECT ! Blemishes will disappear instantly, even without …

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The Perfect Prom

May 01, 2016 Makeup

We understand that prom is one of the major events of your high school career. Top teen magazines state that 29% of you will be booking a makeup application right before the cameras start snapping. Look your best and keep these tips in mind before you sit down in that make-up chair.
Hair and Make-up should work together.
 Make-up is like any other accessory, if you are wearing a lot of dress, a lot of hair, jewelry, and make-up, it will undoubtedly b…

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