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Be Good to Yourself

BGTY was created to provide Christian Life Coaching and Mentoring programs. Our curriculum helps individuals through education and provides guidance for setting future goals. We make-over participants through workshops, seminars, and partnerships with other not-for-profit agencies.

Be Good to Yourself INC. obtained 501C-3 status in February 2007. The organization is currently involved with youth and young adults at local churches and in-home bible studies. Sessions are designed to strengthen participants in the areas of interviewing techniques, resume writing, stress reduction, budgeting, and goal setting. The make-over will also include classes on skincare, hair care, and wardrobe - designed to empower individuals by giving them the confidence to transition to a more professional look.

Through generous donations from people like you, we are able to afford supplies - like products, clothes, books and tools - for our classes and this allows us to reach out to many people in order to set goals and create bright futures. For making this a possibility for so many, we thank you.

Interested in even more fantastic cosmetology classes? Check out our main education center, Brown Beauty Barber School.

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