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What is Co Washing?

October 07, 2018 Lisa Brown Hair Care

Co washing has received more publicity in the recent years as natural hair has continued to trend. Co washing in essence is a cream conditioning cleanser, which is what differentiates it from shampoo. Co wash products are free of harsh chemicals that are typically found in shampoos that can cause dry-dehydrated hair. Women who have naturally curly/kinky/wavy hair types, and wear their hair in a wet-and-go for weeks at a time, should use Co wash throughout the week instead of shampooing their hair. The co wash will cleanse any oil and product build up as well as moisturize the hair.Those who do not wear wash and go styles on a regular basis can still used a Co Wash when they do not have a lot of build up.

Co washing is also a good method of cleaning extensions and wigs on a regular basis.

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