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Salon Lisa Brown's Gorgeous Extension Line

October 27, 2016 Products, Announcements

Salon Lisa Brown specializes in custom hair extension installation, color and maintenance. Our clients routinely receive about 3 months or longer of wear with our “Soft…Sexy…Smooth” brand extensions. This is due to the quality of our extension hair and our salon “Extension Maintenance” services.

Even the finest quality extensions need regular maintenance - just like a client’s natural hair. We always suggest scheduled “maintenance” every 5-6 weeks. Ask for or reserve our “Extension Refresh or Extension Maintenance” services.

You have spent a lot of money on your hair, now allow Salon Lisa Brown to teach you how to keep that hair looking amazing throughout the life of the extensions.


It is a MUST before you leave the salon to make sure you are set up with the right products for your new extensions. Using quality shampoo and conditioner will help ensure that extensions don’t become dry and dull. Not sure if your current shampoo contains “sulfates”? Bring it in and let our Stylists show you some of the common terms used to hide sulfates!


Extension hair is similar to natural hair when it comes to brushing and detangling. It is important that we show you how to brush your extensions properly and with the proper tools. Improper brushing and tension are common causes of edge breakage.


Using heat and hot tools is perfectly fine as long as you do not concentrate the heat at the root of your hair where the bond is placed. Reminder: Incorrect heat tool placement and too much heat can cause your extensions to slip or become sticky.


To ensure your extensions do not tangle while you are sleeping SLB always suggests sleeping in a low ponytail or a low braid. Never go to bed with your extensions wet. It can cause horrible matting to the extensions and your own hair.

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